Interior Plant Design

Create a unique office environment or store design with green interior design. We provide professional guidance on plant varieties and a tailor-made plant design based on your lighting and needs. We deliver the plants directly to your workplace and style them so that they create synergies with the existing decor. Maintenance and continuous updating of plant varieties can be selected. 

Plants and Friends is passionate about helping San Francisco businesses bring more plants into their office spaces. We are experts in interior horticulture and will help you chose the right plants to thrive in your space, keeping maintenance low and adding elegance to your decor.

Our interior plant design consultations for office spaces are $75 for a one hour consult. During the consultation, our plant specialist will meet with you to tour your space and assess the light levels, air quality, and other environmental conditions. Together you’ll discuss plant types that will thrive in different areas and collaborate on plant and container ideas that will enhance your office environment. We will also look at any existing plants in the space and give advice on how to best care for them. After this initial visit we’ll provide an inspiration proposal and suggested number of hours needed to complete the project.

Once we’ve finalized the design Plants and Friends will hand-pick each new addition and install it with care. We also offer on-going maintenance packages for our larger projects such as living walls or sizable indoor trees. Interior plant design projects begin at $1,500. For smaller projects, visit our online shop.

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In an office environment, foliage can provide a brief respite and a memory of the outdoors. Plants inspire creativity, increase productivity, and purify the air. Promoting peace and settledness. We have a 5-step process in making sure we get the right selections in your office space. We examine the interior lighting, humidity and general conditions to determine a suitable mix for your working space. We consult on layouts that well amplify the space and not encroach on the work that needs to be done. We’ll talk through the green vibe you’re inspired by and aim to create that with sensible choices that will thrive in your environment. We’ll address care and maintenance for the plants and determine whether you want to take ownership here, or rely on one of maintenance programs. Lastly, we’ll walk through the installation process and set expectations.



In a retail space, plants need to be as well styled and as beautiful as the products that are being sold. They can be used to create boundaries or to enhance the goods and environment. Our process in selecting plants for a store front is similar to what we do in an office environment. We want to establish balance between the space, the people entering, and the products available for purchase. Additionally, plants can help add to the story of the space by supporting the core of a brand’s identity. Palms and lush large leaves may cultivate a feeling of travel and relaxation, while Cactus and Succulents have an heir of mysticism and magic. However we collaborate with you, we’ll make sure the very best plant varietals and species are correctly placed and well maintained.


A site visit is the first step in the process. During the visit we’ll assess your lighting and other environmental conditions and talk though your ideas and vision for the space. The visit usually lasts about an hour. After this initial consultation we’ll create a proposal that contains design inspiration and an estimated number of hours to complete the project. The fee for a residential site visit is $125 and includes designer time on site and time creating the initial proposal.

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